Onto another photo adventure…

I have spend a tremendous amount of time obtaining a Masters degree in Leadership in hopes to finding a better paying, challenging, more suitable job to align with my corporate experiences. Fate sometimes turns you around.

Since June 2016, I spent time offline focusing on my job-search absent from posting a blog. I spent more time with face to face communications, interviewing and more time away exploring new corners of the globe.

I found a steady work stream late last year in my passionate field of photography (which never left me for 25 + years.)

Taking real estate photos was not planned, but I sent my interest into the web site only to be called a few months later. I learned so much and dealing with different people brings my educational knowledge to real time. I’m a problem solver, image producer, communicator, sales and marketing assistant at times while being a time manager, project manager and creative technical artist. Taking photographs is more than showing up. ( more in a future post).

I believe most people blog because it makes them feel good and when they connect with other like minded people, they get a bit of endorphins released, bringing a smile to their faces. It’s a type of therapy. We improve our craft, share our stories to a wider audience and can reach people across the globe. This can even lift a reader up and inspire a stranger.

We share our personal stories to help others, admit our mistakes and celebrate our victories. I have “met” so many wonderful bloggers unselfishly being vulnerable to help others who may be suffering.

Blogging makes us better individuals as we stretch our words and images to fit across the universe. Perhaps someone quietly listens, looks without a response and eagerly awaits your next post.

I certainly have missed posting my blog with time restraints and lack of digital space left.

With the new year beginning, hopefully my life will be more productive and profitable as I’ve invested in a new Wide angle lens and a very sturdy tripod. Currently my Pro camera is being repaired since it slipped off my tripod with the flash, taking the hot shoe with it.

Never a dull moment, I learned to be creative until I could send in my camera for repair. Can’t wait to be back on the road.

Happy New Year! Around the world.

Happy Shooting through the looking glass lens…



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