Winter paints the picture…

So…last year we had snow fall, but it always fell heavy on the weekend and roads were clear and ready for buses to bring kids to school and cars on the road back to work.

Winter returns as the flakes began to blanket the ground last Thursday giving us enough snow to close schools based only on the weather forecasts. Friday morning we all woke up to winter white piled high over a foot while hearing snowblower engines outside. The photos look almost black and white before being shoveled to clear transit paths.

With nothing scheduled to shoot, I planned to stay home to work on some personal projects, but the school closings kept me home for other reasons.

With the Flu circulating and having one child just getting better, I preferred them to stay inside and finish their Pine Wood Derby cars for Saturday’s event.

Luck would have it, my car battery did not start and we had to find a ride to have our mini cars race. The event was exciting and seeing all those smiling kids faces makes you smile.

What does this have to do with my photo journey? Lots.. I photographed all the kids photos for their licenses, I also took challenging action images without a flash. So fun to watch as it was the last one for us.

About Martina Landolt Photography

Being outside in nature capturing the beauty that lives among us on camera or in the mind's eye has healing powers. Discovering new and interesting subjects can have a wow factor from unique angles or from new lenses or camera settings. Photography is all about light and natural light is ever-changing creating photo challenges. I'm on a photographic journey in life. Thank you so for visiting my blog. Please leave your feedback & connect with me on Facebook, twitter or Linkedin.
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One Response to Winter paints the picture…

  1. Sartenada says:

    Very beautiful. Than You.


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