Sometimes Photographers are captured by the looking glass..

So the story goes …..I was awarded the “Spark Plug Award” for my volunteer efforts at the IP District dinner last month. I was totally surprised while feeling appreciated for helping the Boy Scouts in their marketing, communications and PR efforts. Officially I hold a committee position.

Last year, I was seeking a venue where my intellect, experiences and my Masters degree in leadership could be utilized. I’m sure my position will evolve over time as additional opportunities arise.

I’m Excited to be alive at a crossroads of time where young women can join the BSA while achieving the rank of Eagle. This will surely open doors for more female leaders. I love the outdoors and adventures as much as my boys do. We are all zip lining this week on our road trip. Wherever the road & adventures may take me… I’m ready to take on the leadership challenges going forward… and of course with my camera by my side, always.

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