Eye see

Do you see what I see?

From the natural wild into to the friendly waters behind glass walls at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Perhaps this creature’s instincts keep it still so as to blend into the environment and wait for the prey to come it’s way, or human arms to easily release food.

Zoos and aquariums are educational, yet sometimes I wonder if we should take away the animals, reptiles and mammals natural instincts of hunting, running and living the character nature intended. When species are almost extinct, man has to interfere and try to protect them. In from the wild, into a safe haven.

Aren’t humans the ones who created environments that leads to their extinction? Houses build on every green patch causing wolves, coyotes, raccoons, possums and deer in your backyard. ( At least here in the mid-west they become common place).

Are the hunters who kill for the price of ivory from innocent animals part of the problem. While mans actions of destruction cannot totally be regulated, monitored or controlled, this makes zoos and aquariums a protected space for animals and sea creatures, even if their natural instincts are subsided. The environment is in constant flux and climate change affects all living things.

The question of whether zoos were positive or negative was a paper my kids had to write about in school, my feelings are mixed and more research needs to be done to fully understand. I do recall an animal leaped out and attacked a child at a zoo. There’s no way of knowing what that animal was thinking as it was kept in captivity for visitors to view.

Photos taken at the 5th grade School field trip in Chicago.

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