Pictures & Words

While a picture doesn’t speak, it can say “a thousand words” with or without written words. Here I included a “borrowed” photograph from an email marketer with written words that can lift anyone’s spirits. It actually made a positive impact on my day.

If something isn’t working for you, maybe it’s the environment you are in or the people who surround you. Not everyone has similar gifts and it makes us unique and special. People of different mindsets may be open minded or shut you out. Listen to your heart and know what you are worth. If you’re like me, you love to learn and grow in your craft constantly. While one negative comment should not devalue you, it can push you to new heights. We are not perfect and listening to our environment could be telling us the answers we have been waiting to hear. Good or bad, both can help you improve. You may need to change your perspective or try to “see” what another person sees in you. Without decreasing your worth, you may need to change somewhat or change your environment. Your worth as a person is worth listening to what may come your way. You are worth it. We become better as a result.

Now for the picture without words that can speak to you in any way you perceive it. Actually words can also be perceived the same way. Each of us brings our own perspectives. Visual or written, each of us takes away our unique thoughts.

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