Historic Ice Age Trail (Part 2)

A few posts ago, I wrote about the Historic Ice Age Trail I walked on in Wisconsin. Apparently after that post, there were a few discoveries I decided to share.

While the start of the journey seemed so barren, there was evidence of man and mammals along the beaten path.

After following the yellow brick road (yellow trail) we find a yellow empty cartridge.

We had maps and our colors indicating which direction we were headed. Yellow was it for this day.

Kids are curious and have a good eye for spotting things close to the ground. I thought this was a beaten path for humans, not a shooting range.

The parking fee was not hand collected, towns lack funds to pay for employees to be there. They left this box for trusting souls to pay their fare. We went to find a gas station to get change and pay our fee for a walk in the woods on this overcast day.

The sky dark and mysterious, the sun bright and brilliant shielded by crossing clouds.

Overall it was great weather for walking and finding a new adventure. You never know what you will find when you talk a step and walk outside your comfort zone. The last photo shows the beautiful white birches my son captured so nicely along the water’s edge. The time was in March before the Spring heat and budding green foliage here in Wisconsin began to bloom.

Happy Trails!!

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