Timing is Everything

Good or bad, we can all relate to an incident in which timing meant something special or something miserable for us.

In my case, this past week several timing issues came up. Mostly miserable for my oversight.  First one was the dropping of my camera 📷 onto the concrete, not once but twice, two days apart. My bread and butter was now butter. While my camera is still top of its class after five years, it took a beating and keeps on ticking. It worked after the first bounce. Ouch! The second bounce cracked the rear LCD, bent the hot shoe and took off the hardware around the eyepiece. Double ouch!


Believe it or not the camera still works. I had ordered new tripod mounts a week ago since I knew they were wearing out. Apparently, when I tried to take my camera off the tripod to carry it, I pressed the quick release lever and the camera being heavy, slipped out of my hands. I was back to holding my flash using remote triggering for real estate photography.

Now would be the right time to buy that backup camera, the upgrade model I’ve been waiting for.

Timing is everything. I had huge Home set to photograph next Tuesday. I had to have a working camera in case my camera failed. I scrolled the internet searching for a new camera, might as well upgrade before another drop happens and be ready for work. My camera is out of a warranty for Drops. I need a camera while I send mine out for repair.

Without sharing all the details, let’s just say it wasn’t easy to find what I was looking for in my next camera and get delivered in two days, but I was successful.

Today, timing was everything at home. My kids graduated up another grade.

Timing was twofold professionally, I signed and received my new camera today while at the same time my huge scheduled real estate photo shoot was cancelled. What? I did receive my tripod camera mounts a few days too late too. Thankfully the local camera shop secured a new version of a tripod mount on very tightly, two drops too late. They were out of stock of the Nikon I was looking for.

Now, after searching trying not to get ripped off, at last I have the new camera to master and get ready for my own vacation to see creatively.

Photography means light, and it’s the timing among others things that can make all the difference.

Perhaps I will capture an award winning photo in the Scandinavian Counties to make all my bad timings feel like good timings.

Happy Shooting.

P.S. learn from my mistake, don’t hold up an expensive camera on a tripod with cheap or worn out connectors. Buy new pieces at the first sign of wearing, don’t wait – carry spares. Also buy the best tripod you can afford. This will capture your pictures, not a fancy high priced camera.


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