Sneak Peek of ART in the Park…

If you have read some of my past posts over a year ago, many of them reference to the Morton Arboretum where nature meets man. Joy Morton, A man of Salt and trees, yes Morton as in the salt company had spent his later years preserving this beautiful property in Lisle for all to enjoy the trees from around the world.

We have seen the making of a Childrens garden to occupy the younger ones. We attended special events along with the famous Illumination in December which have become favorable rituals. There is always something to learn, see and do here. Today was an extra special day at the Arboretum.

Recently a Danish artist has been creating his special exhibit which officially opens on June 22. The giant structures of trolls carved by a Thomas Dambo have been slowly crafted at seven locations throughout the park.

Last week I captured a few structures on film as I tried out my new camera. The pictures were not part of the marketing print out which sometimes are so you know what to expect when you locate one. This time the locations were only given. It was a mysterious hunt to locate them only to open the eyes with a wow factor. All reclaimed wood put together, finely crafted on site bit by bit.

Morton Arboretum likes to do things in grand style.

Enjoy searching for the rest of the giant sculptures of hand crafted art. I’ll be back to find the ones I missed.


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