Gotta Get Away

Change of scenery brings change of thoughts, ideas and visions for my future year of entrepreneurship. The wheels are still turning around in my head with awesome details. When my thoughts start, then a circle forms– essentially there is no beginning or end, just a new twist to something evolving.

Now I’m relaxing from doing household chores or working on too many projects. This week my focus is on brainstorming a new business idea, one that will enrich the lives of others and give them a hand.

I’m excited to be developing details for a program to help transform the overall physical and mental mindset for someone using visual arts.

See you on the other side…..

1 Comment

  1. We do need to change our scenery from time to time, don’t we. It does bring fresh ideas to mind. I hope your new business ideas are getting into shape. Sounds enticing that you will be able to help transforming the mindset of people using visual arts.


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