A guest blogger offers to highlight my business venture

Judy is a successful entrepreneur who has a tremendous amount to share about time management tips and tricks to getting things done in less time.

She graciously offered to work with me and my new product launch. More about that product soon…..Here we are at a conference in Los Angeles:

She’s so happy and successful to boot. While she offered to be my guest here, I certainly learned a lot from her words of Advice.

Me: Did you enjoy taking the photos? Why? ( I assigned a task for Judy to take a photo or more and submit to me along with a few questions):

Judy: I was distracted with the event so took only one photo. I don’t know if I would describe it as “enjoy” because this is my first one and I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t NOT enjoy it. I felt curiosity and interested about how this exercise would unfold.
Me: What inspired you to take this particular photo below?
Photo by Judy Dang – 2019
Judy: I reflected on what several people during the weekend had suggested to me: “you need to speak up more” so I was using that as my guide. So as I was watching the presenters, I noticed the two steps leading to the stage. This inspired me to look at the stripes on the steps and my pants.
Me: What does this photo say about you?
Judy: That I’m ready and willing to “take the stage” in my life. This photo marks this moment that I’m stepping up to my potential, stepping out of my shell, and stepping way from being passive as an audience member.
Me: Did you have fun and enjoy taking a photo in a new perspective?
Judy: Yes. I liked that I was the one to take this photo and not someone else taking a photo of me. That symbolizes that I have control over how I “compose” my life. I only took one photo. That is an interesting observation. I think I have a bit of fear of making mistakes. Because if I take a bunch and they all suck, then that’s a ton of evidence that I take bad photos. Very funny to write this out and get it out of my head; shows how silly those limiting beliefs can be.
Me: Tell me a little bit about yourself in relation to photography. 
Judy: Never taken a class. Had several film cameras throughout the years. I occasionally take photos with my phone now but not many. When I go camping I enjoy taking close up photos of leaves, spider webs, tree bark. I like unusual patterns and take lots of those in nature. I don’t take photos of landscapes because I figure if I wanted a photo of the Grand Canyon, I’d buy a postcard; leave it to the professionals. Here’s a slide show of a trip I took with my friend Gwen and my husband Andrew. 
Best wishes with your blog and business. Look forward to seeing your business grow. 

Me: Thank you Judy for your willingness to be my first guest blogger. You are amazing. Your timeless management tricks can teach me techniques to improve my processes going forward.

Note: To learn more about Judy’s amazing business:

Judy Dang


Thank you!!

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