Photos from the J.Paul Getty Museum

Recently, I visited Los Angeles and visited the famous J. Paul Getty museum. If you remember, not long before this rain shown here in early December, the site was threatened by fires that burned areas all around this structure. You can see some of the dark hills in the background touch by fire.

A local employee informed me that the museum had fire resistant walls and flooring. The Getty was built with”too” much money and they have their own fire department.

Walking around the museum in between the raindrops, I managed to see a parting of the sky which let in sun for a short time.

Here is a sample of my photographic day at the Getty, where I was allowed to photograph. I attended part of the “Manet” talks listening to scholars from my Chicago area. Interestingly, I travel several hundred miles to the hear voices from my neighborhood.

All in all, being in the rain and fog was both challenging and creative from an artist’s eye. Enjoy.

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