Prison perspectives: Your life matters

Prison perspectives.

Your life matters!!

Not sitting on that bench,

I’m too far away,

Looking out to my dreams,

I see you, do you see me?

Can’t think straight,

Got me in these prison echos,

About to lose my mind.

Watching my child in my head,

She’s gonna grow up without me,

What will she tell her high school sweetheart?

Banged my body against this brick,

They hit me with a stick,

Robbed me of my dignity,

How can I face the light if I ever see it again?

Take my money, take my car,

Don’t steal my soul or my family life.

They are all I have,

I’m so proud.

You stripped away my freedom,

Spinning my head til it got confused,

What right do you have,

My life matters,

I am human too.

Nobody cares about humanity!

These prison walls,

Smell of stale blood,

Old sweat,

Skin of Every color,

Tears so clear,

Please don’t take my dreams from me,

My life Matters too!!

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