Portrait of a young hitchhiker: making his way to Alaska

Happy Father’s Day to all you men of courage. Only the love of a father can give us is awesomely unique.

This is my Dad during his high school photos. A few years later he was hitchhiking his American Dream all the way from Connecticut to Alaska. Literally with his 👍

He was an adventurous person with high hopes for the future.

We lost him in 2016 from old age. He wasn’t exactly old at 75, but I believe he lost his spirit and the will to survive. He was a Navy Veteran too.

The wisdom he shared and the stories he told will never be forgotten. He befriended the stranger folks who were just as “crazy” as he was.

With love 💕 and gratitude, I would not be here if it wasn’t for the love from my father and all the ups & downs we lived through. We miss you!

Thank you for the car ride bringing my Dad safely to Alaska where his dream became a reality.

Happy Father’s Day to my fellow photographers…

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