What can a photograph cause you to do?

Surfacing Emotions,

Tears of joy, pain and sorry,

Smiles of laughter, hope, and excitement,

Reflections of long ago,

Memories about to fade,

Awakening the senses,

Seeing what your eyes see,

Questioning the effects of one single image,

Lasting a moment, a day, week, months,

Forgotten occasions, photographs are the light of emotions waking up the insides.

A candid capture – Mother & Child
(photo: R. E. Landolt)

About Martina Landolt Photography

Being outside in nature, capturing the beauty that lives among us, on camera or in the mind's eye has healing powers. Having fun discovering new and interesting subjects from unique perspectives to unique lenses, photography is all about light. Natural light is a constant change creating photo challenges that are never-ending. I am on a photographic journey through life with people and places around me. Thank you for visiting this journey. Please leave any comments & connect with me on Facebook: Studio67photography Twitter: @martinalandolt LinkedIn: LinkedIn/in/Martinalandolt/
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