Autumnal Equinox 2020

Such lovely temperatures, in the low 80s, to take a walk at the Morton Arboretum here in Lisle, IL

There are plenty of reasons to visit the Arboretum. The founder is Joy Morton who also owned the Morton Salt company. He used to head out to this suburb after working in Chicago to plant his trees.

This huge outdoor garden is a living tree museum founded in 1922 with 16 miles of hiking trails and over 200,000 plants. There is a library, a herbarium and a program in tree research along with the center for tree science.

The arboretum encourages the planting and conservation of trees and other plants for a greener and more beautiful world. The trees living at the Arboretum represent diversity from different parts of the world thus from different scientific plant groups.

Today marks the first day of the Autumn Equinox, so I headed to the arboretum to get a last look at the gorgeous flowers that are planted there. Those flowers were being uprooted as the staff began replacing them with fall flowers and foliage. They are right on time with the autumn equinox falling today.

Here is what I saw in front of the garden entrance:

Workers swapping out the garden of flowers
Truckloads of new plants for fall

Here is what used to be planted in the garden:

An oasis of plants attracting the bees in the summer garden.

Below are the images from todays walk along the trails:

Black Walnut
Starlight through the leaves
Rocky Bardur by Thomas Dambo
Rocky Bardur
Sneaky Socks Alexa

These troll sculptures were built by an artist named Thomas Dambo who constructed the head, the hands and the feet in his Copenhagen workshop before building the final stages on location.

Golden Spiderwort
Autumn Crocus
Roxanne Geranium

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