Moods of Yellowstone

Searching through my old photographs of Yellowstone and I find this one is the most intriguing and mysterious.

The dark clouds above look like a storm is forming. Here the absence of color sets the tone instead of needing color to make the photograph what it is.

Immediately I feel drawn into this image and want to tell a story like no other. It appears that my camera was alone in this scene, when in fact there are several other tourists around me and nearby. Most of these people would stop and snap their cameras and iPhones where I planted my tripod and camera. I was one of the few who carried a tripod along the paths trying to capture unique perspectives.

If you look close, there is a white piece of something that looks like paper or some junk. Not sure what it is and I never paid attention to it during the filming.

If I were to give this image a title, I would call it: SILENCE

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