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What can a photograph cause you to do?

Surfacing Emotions, Tears of joy, pain and sorry, Smiles of laughter, hope, and excitement, Reflections of long ago, Memories about to fade, Awakening the senses, Seeing what your eyes see, Questioning the effects of one single image, Lasting a moment, … Continue reading

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Virtual traveling: Helsinki, Finland ðŸ‡«ðŸ‡®

Helsinki, Finland is a friendly city who prides themselves in raising some of the smartest kids in the world. Their secret: sending them to start school at a later age by first spending time in society gathering experiences and reading … Continue reading

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Take me back in time: an eight year old reflection

Looking back this was a time of young innocence where classmates were of every nationality and for the most part we got along. Walking home from school, I met with opposition from some boys who didn’t like me for some … Continue reading

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Hurry up and Wait

Waiting…it can have its benefits, but like most people, it’s sometimes difficult to wait for something you truly want.  I see this, especially with the younger generation.  Perhaps their lack of time management and understanding what’s involved or lack of … Continue reading

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ART in the Park – Part II (Troll Hunt)

I’ve literally been all around the world this summer, mostly driving in a car and I finally have time to slow down and write a post. I realize our wonderful social media allows us to post while on the go, … Continue reading

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Sometimes Photographers are captured by the looking glass..

So the story goes …..I was awarded the “Spark Plug Award” for my volunteer efforts at the IP District dinner last month. I was totally surprised while feeling appreciated for helping the Boy Scouts in their marketing, communications and PR … Continue reading

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