Eye see

Do you see what I see?

From the natural wild into to the friendly waters behind glass walls at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Perhaps this creature’s instincts keep it still so as to blend into the environment and wait for the prey to come it’s way, or human arms to easily release food.

Zoos and aquariums are educational, yet sometimes I wonder if we should take away the animals, reptiles and mammals natural instincts of hunting, running and living the character nature intended. When species are almost extinct, man has to interfere and try to protect them. In from the wild, into a safe haven.

Aren’t humans the ones who created environments that leads to their extinction? Houses build on every green patch causing wolves, coyotes, raccoons, possums and deer in your backyard. ( At least here in the mid-west they become common place).

Are the hunters who kill for the price of ivory from innocent animals part of the problem. While mans actions of destruction cannot totally be regulated, monitored or controlled, this makes zoos and aquariums a protected space for animals and sea creatures, even if their natural instincts are subsided. The environment is in constant flux and climate change affects all living things.

The question of whether zoos were positive or negative was a paper my kids had to write about in school, my feelings are mixed and more research needs to be done to fully understand. I do recall an animal leaped out and attacked a child at a zoo. There’s no way of knowing what that animal was thinking as it was kept in captivity for visitors to view.

Photos taken at the 5th grade School field trip in Chicago.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Have a wonderful Mother’s day wherever you are. Without Mother’s we would not be who we are and where we are today!

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Protected: Money Matters Most

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Protected: Perspective Matters

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Ice Age National Scenic Trail…

Here we are on a trail that sounds so old and reminds me of the Ice Age movies. Hiking the trail seemed boring at first until you start to take a closer look. Found in and around Wisconsin, there are several spots to park and hike/ walk along a trail. There was a lake in the middle of our hike in South Kettle Moraine, WI. So happy to be photographing what my artistic eye sees. My boy scouts love to be walking along the trail, finding interesting objects and being one with nature, I enjoy it just the same. Excited that the warmer weather is here in this northern climate lasting where the cold weather seemed never ending.IMG_9255IMG_9321

What do you see in the top photo?

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Sometimes Photographers are captured by the looking glass..

So the story goes …..I was awarded the “Spark Plug Award” for my volunteer efforts at the IP District dinner last month. I was totally surprised while feeling appreciated for helping the Boy Scouts in their marketing, communications and PR efforts. Officially I hold a committee position.

Last year, I was seeking a venue where my intellect, experiences and my Masters degree in leadership could be utilized. I’m sure my position will evolve over time as additional opportunities arise.

I’m Excited to be alive at a crossroads of time where young women can join the BSA while achieving the rank of Eagle. This will surely open doors for more female leaders. I love the outdoors and adventures as much as my boys do. We are all zip lining this week on our road trip. Wherever the road & adventures may take me… I’m ready to take on the leadership challenges going forward… and of course with my camera by my side, always.

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White of a different flavor…Happy Valentines Day.

It’s Valentines Day and a day of Love. This love should be felt and expressed year round, every day. As I went about my photography shoots I saw the shooting in Florida pop up on my radar. How sick, how sad. I’d like to forget the evil in this world for a day. One can not feel compassion and sympathy for the victims as the story unfolds.

I like to focus on the Olympics that unit the world while bringing joy to our hearts.

May the remembering of those you love and are dear to you remind you of the love that remains and connects us all. The white roses contains all colors as your eyes see only one. Which color do you see?

May it Brighten your day, despite the odds. Love all, unite, not fight.

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Winter paints the picture…

So…last year we had snow fall, but it always fell heavy on the weekend and roads were clear and ready for buses to bring kids to school and cars on the road back to work.

Winter returns as the flakes began to blanket the ground last Thursday giving us enough snow to close schools based only on the weather forecasts. Friday morning we all woke up to winter white piled high over a foot while hearing snowblower engines outside. The photos look almost black and white before being shoveled to clear transit paths.

With nothing scheduled to shoot, I planned to stay home to work on some personal projects, but the school closings kept me home for other reasons.

With the Flu circulating and having one child just getting better, I preferred them to stay inside and finish their Pine Wood Derby cars for Saturday’s event.

Luck would have it, my car battery did not start and we had to find a ride to have our mini cars race. The event was exciting and seeing all those smiling kids faces makes you smile.

What does this have to do with my photo journey? Lots.. I photographed all the kids photos for their licenses, I also took challenging action images without a flash. So fun to watch as it was the last one for us.

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Onto another photo adventure…

I have spend a tremendous amount of time obtaining a Masters degree in Leadership in hopes to finding a better paying, challenging, more suitable job to align with my corporate experiences. Fate sometimes turns you around.

Since June 2016, I spent time offline focusing on my job-search absent from posting a blog. I spent more time with face to face communications, interviewing and more time away exploring new corners of the globe.

I found a steady work stream late last year in my passionate field of photography (which never left me for 25 + years.)

Taking real estate photos was not planned, but I sent my interest into the web site only to be called a few months later. I learned so much and dealing with different people brings my educational knowledge to real time. I’m a problem solver, image producer, communicator, sales and marketing assistant at times while being a time manager, project manager and creative technical artist. Taking photographs is more than showing up. ( more in a future post).

I believe most people blog because it makes them feel good and when they connect with other like minded people, they get a bit of endorphins released, bringing a smile to their faces. It’s a type of therapy. We improve our craft, share our stories to a wider audience and can reach people across the globe. This can even lift a reader up and inspire a stranger.

We share our personal stories to help others, admit our mistakes and celebrate our victories. I have “met” so many wonderful bloggers unselfishly being vulnerable to help others who may be suffering.

Blogging makes us better individuals as we stretch our words and images to fit across the universe. Perhaps someone quietly listens, looks without a response and eagerly awaits your next post.

I certainly have missed posting my blog with time restraints and lack of digital space left.

With the new year beginning, hopefully my life will be more productive and profitable as I’ve invested in a new Wide angle lens and a very sturdy tripod. Currently my Pro camera is being repaired since it slipped off my tripod with the flash, taking the hot shoe with it.

Never a dull moment, I learned to be creative until I could send in my camera for repair. Can’t wait to be back on the road.

Happy New Year! Around the world.

Happy Shooting through the looking glass lens…


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For those in darkness

Let the sun-light shine on Las Vegas….

Let the sun-light shine on Puerto Rico…

Let the sun-light shine on Florida, Texas and any State affteced by hurricanes nearby…

Each day when I wake up, I secretly hope in my heart that things will get better in this world, whether it be the improved conditions of the human impact and evironmental situations from Hurricane’s that hit land as category 4 /5 from Harvey, Irma or Maria or even an issue at home.  Those victims of the hurricanes will require external shelter and basic needs for a long time.  It is unimaginable for someone who has never experienced such great loss of their entire place to go to or loss in hope of what is to come.

Today, like no other I was horrified to hear of the shooting in Las Vegas at an outdoor country concert last night.  Sad. Tragic. Unreal. Just when the asssistance to the victims of the natural storms are underway, another unavoildable tragedy strikes.  Could it be worse?  Puerto Rico still needs aid and so do coutless others in the lower United States.

Perhaps there are no answers, yet it is times like this that should bring this country together stronger than ever. We are all human and life is so precious.  God bless this country and this world going forward.  Peace.

Hurricane season “ends” by November, so let’s hope there will be no more storms hitting land for the next two months….and the rest of the year…Or other tragidies like Las Vegas.

Prayers for the victims from the natural disasters to the evil shooter.


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