Something to celebrate: Fireworks

“Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.” Sounds of my childhood. It’s true, I wanted to get out of the house and shoot some more interesting subjects. I hoped to see the Fireworks and capture them on film.

The location I stopped to photo seemed empty, people were social distancing themselves properly and I was standing front and center to the show. The parking lots were filed, but it didn’t feel like it. Years past, it was a struggle to find a decent spot to set up my tripod where I could get a decent view.

I am happy to report that everything went well here in Naperville, IL USA and everyone was complying with the city Covid-19 guidelines. While I didn’t see any masks, some were carrying them. We were spread out enough.

Enjoy the show, let me know which photo you liked the best and why?

As always, Thanks for viewing! I post for all of you!

Photo Gear: Nikon D850, 24-70mm 2.8mm

Happy 4th of July wherever you may be.

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Happy July 4th! USA

Deciding which way to go? To the fireworks tomorrow, is it safe with the crowds today? I need space to photograph the night sky.

Capture walking on Dearborn Street along Chicago, IL
“Site of Fort Dearborn” trading post

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What’s in a Name? : Lets take a walk together on The Streets of Stockholm!

Let’s get a cup @ Luke’s
You may prefer Wayne’s coffee
Let’s take a bike ride and visit Victoria
Walk Along the bridge wishing the couple best wishes!
Let’s stop at Marika’s place
Time to dine with Alexa
Let’s wait for Zoe

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Where are you?: Why perspective matters!

From above
From Bending over
From Squatting
From standing
From below on solid ground
From the bridge
From the drivers seat at a 🛑
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Fotografiska: A glimpse into Stockholm’s photography exhibit

Exhibit on display
Beautiful Black & white images were stunning
It so happens that this exhibit by the McCarthy mother & daughter team was on display: see below for some of the images

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Through the looking glass: Plane ART

Wings have it, my seat is without fail always 9 out of 10 located by the wings.

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Los Angeles: Meet me at the Getty Museum

An inside outside look at the Edouard Manet Exhibition. Manet – 23 January 1832 – 30 April 1883 was a French modernist painter.

Sharing my views of the discussion, the original paintings and outside the Getty on a cloudy early December day in 2019.

The Getty Museum, 1200 Getty Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA

Beautifully captured on the FujiFilm X-T3

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Closed: when the doors slam shut on your flight

This flight in Nashville was my final leg home after my original flight was grounded due to snow at my final destination at Chicago. Rerouted to 3 flights home, I was walking fast to catch my boarding in Nashville where I had a seat assigned ticket. I get to the gate just as the crew was closing the counter…letting the last person board. Boom, the doors slam in front of me! How could they.

Many of us had the doors shut on us from several sources. Flights closed on a ticket holder gives one an opportunity to explore the indoor surroundings closer while waiting on the next plane out….

The crew informs me that they sold my seat. How could they? I was in time for the window period to be there. I didn’t hear my name being called. I was furious.

***Correction from original post*** This photo is located in the Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina*** All other photos are located in Nashville International Airport.

I become an indoor artist !!! My 24 hour flight from Florida to Chicago caused me to lose my mind. I ride with a scammer taxi ride home who charged me triple the rate. At this time I couldn’t think straight.. just get me home.

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Back to school we go

It seems that we all have become students in the past few months.

Plenty of elearning experiences out there. I too have signed up to finally finish my New York Institute of Photography classes.

After 20 years, As a returning student, the NYIP let me have a discounted course. I already paid for this class only to leave it unfinished. With new technology, everything is easier and quicker to mail. My first attempt at this class I was using old fashioned film and mailing in the prints for review.

I’m dating myself here.

As a lifelong self taught artist, I’m always learning new things from fellow photographers, arts and the like. I learn quite a bit from the beginners, they have a good eye for what they see. I find it refreshing.

Keeping me moving & motivated

Happy Shooting fellow photographers!

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A Walk down Michigan Avenue: Chicago

Virtually staring at my past travels along the metro 🚇 train to my old stomping ground in Chicago.

Pictures taken in December of 2019, taken by (c) Martina using a Fujifilm X-T3

Hoping to return soon.

A look down the streets of Michigan Avenue during the happiest time of the year! We can all use some cheer!

Walking along the streets heading to Michigan Avenue
Never been in here, please keep the shows coming
Waiting in line at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery
Decorations across Nike store
In front of the Apple Store across the Wrigley building
An iconic image never disappoints tourists
Store front reminders to keep dreaming

Let’s keep our dreams alive and not burning away!

Disney store full of smiles

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